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We delivered a good performance in 2013


+4%  $4,351m  

Trading profit1,2

+5%  $987m  

Operating profit1

+1%  $810m

R&D expenditure as a 
percentage of revenue


Adjusted earnings 
per share2,3 (EPSA) 

+3%    76.9c  

Earnings per share3 

-23%   61.7c  

Dividend per share

+5%  27.4c  


Trading profit2 

-60bps    22.7%



Operating profit 

-180bps  18.6%

Trading profit 
to cash conversion2


Operating profit 
as a percentage
of cash generated
from operations




    Download "Group Strategic Report" from our Annual Report 2013 (2MB)


1 The underlying percentage increases/decreases are after adjusting for the effects of currency translation and the inclusion of the comparative impact of acquisitions and exclusion of disposals.
2 Explanations of these non-GAAP financial measures are provided on pages 161 to 163.
3 Earnings per share and adjusted earnings per share have been restated following the adoption of the revised IAS 19 Employee Benefits standard. See Note 1 of the Notes to the Group accounts.

Annual General Meeting 2014

Notice of AGM and Chairman's letter

The Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday, 10 April 2014.

10 April 2014